Another weekend is around the corner and some couples, whether married or unmarried, would have tensions around them, including sexual tensions. A healthy and adventurous sexual encounter or experience helps to re-ignite a relationship. Some men refuse to sleep with their women whenever they have tension between them. Some men avoid their women sexually, due to stress at work or at their place of livelihood. Some women use sex to get what they want from their men, and deny them sex until the man gives them what they want. Excuses like, “honey, I’m tired!! Please, I want to sleep. Let’s do it at the weekend” sound familiar right?! I know it does, because you have used that line most times, ain’t that right?! Well, you got to stop it because it will definitely hurt your relationship.

The best way to have a good sexual relationship with your partner, is to have a healthy “CHEMISTRY” with your partner. If you don’t, I think it’s useless to have the thought of having sex. If your not comfortable being around your partner, you can never enjoy sex and you will become a selfish lover, only looking for ways to satisfy your sexual urge. When are girl/woman is comfortable around her man or guy, then she would be willing to make love with her man. Some men exhibit this stupid animal like attitude of raping they girls they met a few weeks or days before. Most girls who fall victim to this, don’t tell anyone but keep on dating the guy until he dumps her and moves on to the next victim. Some girls like it. They use it to classify their man as either a weakling (not man enough) or strong guy (man enough). We ain’t far from being animals. Wait a minute, scientists classify us as animals!!! Ain’t that right?!

Men treat your women like ladies. Show them the world and make them feel like princesses. Spoil them with attention and love and gifts. Such as sending them text messages from time to time, especially when ur not close to each. Even if you are, write short love poems or notes and place it were she wouldn’t expect. Always help her with the household chores. Why bring in a maid when two of you can play that game, huh?! Take a out to a candle lit dinner once in your life time. Make a regular routine. Just find a creative way to treat her good. Also allow your woman to spoil you. Married men don’t like their woman doing so. They say they don’t want their woman acting as a whore!!!! Ridiculous mennnnnnnnn!!!!!

You need to be creative when making love. Men need to pay close attention to how their women respond to their lovemaking. Try and see what turns her on the most. Try and see those areas you would touch and which would make her squirming for more. For god’s sake don’t be a freaking “wam bam thank you ma’am” kind of guy!!!!!! Be an adventurous explorer of your woman’s body during lovemaking. You can even use your eyes and fingers to examine all the soft curves of her body while she sleeps in the nude next to you. Also allow your woman to make love you often. She ain’t wood and she also needs to explore your body too. Don’t gimme that crap of her being a lesbian or a prostitute. Damn!!!! Be realistic for once in your life. Remember the best way to enjoy your love making is too be in chemistry with each other. Enjoy your weekend!!! Wait, you wanted me to go into detail?! Naaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!


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