Three women, who were just kids when they got missen were miraculously saved after ten good years after they had been given up for dead. It all started on monday night when a 911 call saying this now famous words, “Help, I am Amanda Berry. I’ve been kidnapped. I’ve been missen for 10 years but now I am save. Please save me!!!!!!”. I just kept wondering to myself, it’s this really happening. I just wondered what if it were here in Nigeria, they person would have been killed and their bodies dumped and parts of their bodies used for rituals. This was a sheer desire by a young woman who desired to be free from a man who has denied them the right to live.

If we start asking questions, we would never get the answers wee so desire. Would you ask Ariel Castro, 52, the reasons he kidnapped these young women for? What enters the human mind to do such a thing to a fellow human being? After causing the families of the missen girls such trauma and pain, at least we thank God, the kidnapper, didn’t eventually kill the girls.

Amanda Berry,then aged 16, was kidnapped while on her way back from school or was it an errand. Gina DeJesus, then aged 14, was kidnapped in the same manner and including Michelle Knight aged 20.

The members of that low income suburb, claimed the called the cleveland, ohio state police, but as usual, the police denies this. Some said, the saw a completely nude woman walk around the back yard, a child staring out the window porch, screams at night and Castro buying a lot of junk food and beverages and yet they reported all these and the police said it had no record of those calls.

So you reading this, ensure that your loved ones are close by and are safe. Kidnappers are prowling the streets of lagos, demanding for ransoms people do not have. Do not trust the school bus driver who does school runs for you and your children’s school. Be suspicious of your friends and the friends of your kids, including members of your family. Ariel Castro was a school bus driver, so these missen girls knew him and actually, he lived next to them. “BE CAREFULL”!!!!!

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