Hi, my name is Cheta Obi Okorafor and this is my new blog I’m gonna rant about everything and absolutely about nothing in particular. I hope I’d use this platform to entertain you, cos I see myself as an entertainer. Yeah, I know you’d call me a clown. Maybe, it ain’t far from the truth. Yeah!!!!!! Naaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! I got lot on my mind and I am sick of putting it in public places like the face of books, the lands of naira’s and the platforms were blue birds tweets every minute. Well, get ready to gossip folks, cos we’re gonna talk about everything from food, sex, love, relationships, celebrities, sports, politics, wars, crisis, children, living and lifestyle, business, marketing, finance, personal finance, human developments, books, magazines, television, music, drinks, movies, exercise, activities, fashion and style, the arts, medicine, and all about everything.
So fasten your sit belts and enjoy the bumpy ride. 😉

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